AVR lab Proposed Projects

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Boaz Sternfeld : boazs@cs.technion.ac.il

Yaron Honen : yaronh@cs.technion.ac.il

Project 1

VR - Artistic sculpturing

Artistic sculpturing, use a haptic glove to extended the physical modeling of contact surfaces, object hardness, surface deformation, 3D modeling etc. Links:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Extra :
Applying neat geometric/morphologic operation, coloring

Project 2

Facebook Social Networks 3D Visualization

Create an immersive and interactive 3D visualization of Facebook social networks and friends, providing users with a unique way to explore and interact with their online connections and shared content.
Offer a visually stunning and intuitive interface for users to navigate their digital social circles.

Project 3

MR - Break the wall

Mixed reality – Break the wall by Kicking/throwing a ball

Project 4

AR/VR curves & surfaces

Build function curves and surfaces visualization in VR and AR
Link 1
Link 2

Project 5

Architecture - Beam up Revit to reality

Import Revit* model and experience it instantly with your team, in AR or VR, from anywhere in the world. *Revit is the industry standard for BIM editing. It is widely used in architecture, commercial interior design, building design, and virtual design and construction.

Project 6


Build a hologram device, The students decide which shape to build a box hologram or a cone one.

Project 7

VR Samurai

The Samurai Game (inspired by Ninja Fruit) The students will develop a game from the concept level with an emphasis on the characteristics of the virtual world. Emphasis should be placed on movement, color, instruments, and sound.

Project 8
Project 9


Build a game and suggest visual and audio effects (Matrix)in the spirit of :

Project 10


Given our Maze (One of the faculty escape room tasks) UNITY base application running on Oculus Quest 2, enhances the maze interaction and visualization, and upon maze, successful compilation sends a message via blockage (Bluetooth or WIFI) to a device (Arduino or android) that will move a gate. (hinge)

Project 12

Rendering water using innovative tools

Rendering a realistic image from a description of the 3D physical world is a challenging task. The proposed project suggests to render a water surface using the innovative Mitsuba3 tools Mitsuba 3.
This tool was developed in EPFL and is based on the new concept of differential rendering, which create a sequence of operations represented in a network resembling those used in deep learning. One advantage of this tool is that it enables also to reconstruct the 3D shape back from the rendered image. The 3D waves shape will be provided.

Project 13

VR streaming Plugin

Build a platform to stream 3D content from any application to VR glasses. Communication is two-way.

Project 14

High-Performance Raycasting with GPU

Given a location in space, send rays in 360 degrees (from the center of a sphere in all directions) and check which rays hit models in the scene and at what distance.
Then, repeat the process as the point moves along a track.

With Prof. Fisher-Gewirtzman and Dr. Guy Austern,
Faculty of Architecture.

Project 15

Empowering Educators with Advanced Presentation Training

An innovative training system tailored for lecturers aiming to refine their presentation techniques.

This comprehensive platform supports educators in mastering the art of public speaking, ensuring they can deliver engaging and memorable lectures that resonate with their audience.